Release the burden of new COVID Regulations

Use Sasets electronic forms and job management platform to  de-risk your construction business against COVID 19

It was the beginning of lockdown and this wasn’t going to be an easy week for our clients. The government had just announced a plethora of new rules and guidance for construction companies to work with.
It was clear that nobody knew how the current scenario would work out, and what would be required by the construction industry to meet these new rules and requirements.

Adapting and changing to a contactless environment.

One of the first conversations we had was with a new client just starting to deploy the Sasets digital forms platform. Initially, their main focus was to adapt their day to day business activities around the new legislation and health and safety requirements.

When we explained that our technology would be able to underpin and prove that their company had put in place all of the required procedures so that they were fully compliant and safely protecting their employees – the penny dropped we then worked with them on a plan of action to make sure that all of there digital forms were adapted to capture this data.

Reacting in real-time to an ever-changing regulatory environment.

One of the key concerns for companies was to adapt dynamically to the ever-fluid changes that were being passed down by the authorities and governing bodies as they also began to understand the nature of the situation we were dealing with.

An example of this was with a Sasets client, who was advised Monday 8 a.m. that they would need to ensure that all operatives were wearing masks and that their sites were set up with markings that introduced a new one-way flow entry with exit points on-site.

About the time it takes to make a cup of tea.

It took about 10 minutes to adapt, add additional COVID-19 forms with instruction guidelines documents, and then deploy them to the guys on site. Operatives were able to complete the new forms capturing all of the required data together with photographs and signatures with GEO location confirmation.

Monitoring your COVID 19 Site Safety Zone with Sasets

At the end of the week, client management was able to produce reports proving how quickly they had reacted and adapted working practices to prove that we were compliant and COVID safe.

After the team had implemented these additional checkpoints it was imperative that they were monitored and all of this information so the management could that they were doing everything to protect staff and customers.

This included:-

  1. Implementing new standard digital forms for the following:-
    1. COVID-19 Site operating procedures compliance checklist.
    2. COVID-19 Health, safety and environmental risk assessment template.
    3. COVID-19 A toolbox talk for construction workers.
    4. COVID-19 Weekly site operating procedures checklist
  2. The proof that handwashing facilities or hand sanitizers where in a place where it was possible at site entry and exit points
  3. Maintaining the use of security access devices such as keypads or passes and adjusting processes entry-level points to reduce the risk of transmission.
  4. Immediately create new checklists to ensure that all of the additional health and safety requirements for maintaining a safe COVID-19 working environment.
  5. New Site risk assessments
  6. Vehicle sterilisation checks

The Sasets platform can be adapted and changed in real-time to deliver the different data collection requirements required by providing digital data forms to infield teams

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