3 simple steps

Transform your paper process & free your workforce.

1. Download APP



The Sasets app allows your mobile staff to gather and receive information without the need to return to the office.


With smarter forms you can now include photos, weather reports, signatures and attach drawings with sketches and annotations.


Mobile staff save significant time and fuel costs, reduce the time taken to complete forms and the forms are back in the office as soon as they are completed.

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The use of the Sasets app allows A-one+ to mobilise workers, use smart forms and reduce costs effectively. The app allows our crews to upload works information, take pictures, review the necessary documents and share directly back to the office and depots.

2. Set Up Account

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In the Office


Accessible from any browser the portal provide the tools for you to deploy all your companyu2019s jobs, tasks, forms, documents, drawings to team members in real time .


The Sasets portal has as simple drag and drop form builder that allows you to quickly replicate your existing paper forms digitally.


Get real time visibility to complete job tasks, project updates, and timelines.

3. Reports & Workflows

data for reports


Sasets portal allows you to export forms in a PDF format and form data as Excel Spreadsheets.


Reports can be built, then a scheduler set up to send email reports on a regular basis depending upon your requirements.


These features allow you to allow you to put in place stops and checks before form data is submitted adding an extra layer of security efficiency.

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  • What Devices can we use with Sasets?

    We support all devices that use Apple ISO, Android, and Windows 10 operating systems

  • We have lots of different paper forms can we recreate these ourselves on the platform?

    Yes absolutely we have a form builder canvas that allows you to create, customise and deploy your own digital forms.

    We can also work with you to make sure you get the forms exactly how you want.

  • Is my form data safe?

    Our platform is built on the Microsoft Azure platform, one of the most robust scalable cloud platforms.

    All data is continually backed up

  • How will Sasets help us with compliance?

    Sasets allows you to create and distribute the correct forms with the required information fields that you need for specific tasks. You can make sure that fields are completed but making them mandatory, capturing signatures and photographs proving this.

  • Do all of our team need a license?

    Not always -

    A licence is only required if an operative needs to login to the the APP or the portal to complete a form or set up a job.

    An example would be if a supervisor was carrying out an induction then team members just need to sign to say they have understood and confirmed this - so only the supervisor would require a licence

  • Can we use Sasets for Timesheets?

    Yes - we have a timesheet module that allows you to replicate your current timesheets process and information fields with our drag and drop form builder.

  • Can we use a laptop or Desktop?

    Yes we have a windows version of the APP

  • Can I create reports?

    Yes the platform has a report builder that allows you to generate excel reports and a scheduler to automatically send out the reports.