Paperless Solution

Manage your business we'll eliminate the paper.

Sasets APP and Web Portal  saves our clients hundreds of  man hours spent re-keying data, collating information for reporting, or looking for lost paperwork. 

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Use On site

Team work without paperwork.

Team members  share or exchange data and pictures easily with the office admin and one another.

Mobility keeps the field and the office employees connected as the entire workforce is simultaneously updated with the real time project information and its workflow.

Productivity  30%  +

The Sasets APP is so easy and simple to use. It allows our remote workers to access their jobs tasks, forms, drawings & documents all that can be completed and submitted in real time. It has increases our field staff productivity, by 40% and all our forms our now 100% compliant.

In the Office

Schedule & Track Projects

Deploy jobs, tasks, forms, documents, drawings from your desktop to your team in real time.

No longer wait weeks to know the results of the work the team have carried out. Monitor job data and tasks in real time and react immediately to the outcomes.

Efficiency 27%  +

Reports & KPIs

Analyse job data in real-time

Increasing back-office efficiency and the mobilisation of the field work force enables projects to run efficiency, helping to deliver on time and within budget.

By eliminating paper forms, our clients save hundreds of man hours which would otherwise be spent on data entry, collating information for reporting, confirming handwritten information or looking for lost paperwork.

Savings 27%  +


Aggregate Industries + Sasets = reduce costs & improve efficiency

The efficiency savings speak for themselves

“ One area we have only touched on is that of competitive advantage. The solution shows us to be innovative, collaborative and a value-focused organisation which are all the things our end clients are seeking when awarding contracts”
Richard Smith
Business Improvement Manager
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