Too often mobile workers are stuck outside in unpleasant conditions pouring rain, snow, freezing weather and in the dark. Although our mobile workers are made of hardy stuff, the paper forms they have to complete and use are not.

To get around the vulnerability of good old paper during bad weather, teams will have to huddle together in the back of vans or under their coats to complete their forms. The paperwork can end up damaged and illegible by the time it returns to the office. The repercussions of this can be teams having to redo paperwork after the event has happened, losing important information and having to try regather signatures.

Losing this information can have have great consequences from losing money in insurance cases to losing relationships with customers.

By using Sasets you don’t have the weather to worry about, provided you use a good weather proof case for your device (we can recommend otter box). With your mobile device and weather proof case you are ready to work in all conditions day or night. As you complete your forms, take photos and gather signatures, Sasets will save the information securely on your device until you next have an internet connection when all your information will be backed up to the cloud. Ready for access by those back in the office or it can be directly sent as a pdf.

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