Increase teams efficiency, save money, time and the environment. Going mobile with Sasets companies are benefiting from increased efficiency of their teams in some case gaining three times the productivity than before.

Its crucial that mobile teams have access to all of their paperwork on every job. Not only is this critical to the planning and understanding of what the job requires but also safety. A team must understand how to operate all their equipment and what to do if things go wrong. They need to be aware of any low hanging electric lines, underground pipes and any other local knowledge deemed essential by their client and the authorities to ensure the safety of not only their crew but of the public as well.

Traditionally this has been managed by printing and reprinting vast amounts of paperwork for each and every job. This is collected by a member of the team from head office who will then take it out onto site before the rest of the team can start any work. This method causes many delays, time wasted and unnecessary costs. Some longer jobs in one location will have a printer on site for the documents. This may save the time and fuel costs usually associated with collecting the job packs from a regional office, but in these cases, printers are having to be replaced every couple of months due to the damage generated by the dust on sites. When these local printers break, it creates more costs and downtime as the teams are unable to work until they get the crucial paperwork so critical to carry on their jobs.

Since adopting Sasets into their systems these companies have turned their fortunes around. As Sasets provides all these critical documents offline on their mobile devices:

  • They now avoid costly time and fuel driving to offices
  • Drastically cut down paper printed
  • Save money on replacing printers
  • Get the documents they need when they need them
  • Can return forms to the office without leaving the job
  • Spend more time on generating revenue

One of the biggest unexpected benefits our customers tell us is how they can now still make use of teams that otherwise would have been sent home on cancelled jobs.

It is commonplace for jobs to be cancelled on the day for a number of reasons. Traditionally teams would have been sent home as they couldn’t start another job without all the paperwork required for the new job. This would mean someone returning to head office to collect and then driving back out to site. This is not always efficient use of time and resources as by the time the person returns with the relevant paperwork the shift could almost be over or there’s just no longer enough time to get the job done.

Now with Sasets these teams no longer need to wait hours for someone to deliver the paperwork. Instead head office will give them the location of the new job and by the time they have arrived the job pack will have been compiled and downloaded to their mobile device, ready to go.

This new process has increased some of clients work load capability three times with no longer the need to send paid staff home.

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