Mobilise your workforce

Site Worker

Everything your mobile staff could need at their fingertips. Using a tablet or smartphone, mobile workers have access to their jobs tasks, forms and documents that can be completed  and submitted in real time.

No more paper work

With Sasets you can create your own bespoke forms with our simple drag and drop Form Builder. The form will be there ready for the mobile worker to fill in. Once completed the data from the form will be submitted back to the office or even sent to your clients in multiple versions including a neat pdf or pure data ready to go into your own systems.

Secure & Versatile

Hosted on Microsoft’s Azure with a 99.99% up time service level agreement. The same platform trusted by military forces and banks around the world. Cloud based means you have no high set up costs and Sasets has the ability to integrate with your existing systems.

Business ROI

Eliminating the use of paper, our customers can save hundreds of hours spent on data entry, collating information for reporting, confirming handwritten information or looking for lost paperwork. Increasing back-office efficiency and mobilising your field work force enables projects to be run leaner, completed on time and within budget.

What others say about us

The efficiency savings speak for themselves but one area we have only touched on is that of competitive advantage. The solution shows us to be innovative, collaborative and a value focused organisation which are all the things our end clients are seeking when awarding contracts.

Richard SmithBusiness Improvement ManagerAggregate Industries

Sasets has saved me so much time each day in the field, I can focus more on the job and less on paper filing

Matt GilbertSupervisorAggregate Industries

Using SASETS saves me time chasing paperwork and filing.  Forms are received daily rather than weekly highlighting any onsite issues as and when they happen, details including photos can be seen instantly.  We are able to ensure our operatives have the most up-to-date and accurate paperwork with them at all times as it can upload to their devices 24 hours a day!  We no longer have to decipher operatives handwriting and can provide our clients with neat, tidy paperwork as and when requested.

Eileen BurttAdministratorCD Fencing

Over the last 18 months Sasets has helped improve & speed up our H&S recording system by giving us the ability to record incidents as they happen and my inspections now include photos and weather reports. I complete the forms and as soon as I press submit it gets distributed to the project management team & senior management for them to review and action. The help and support during the trial period was very responsive with their team physically going out of their way to help us out. As the app is so intuitive our support needs are now few and far between.

Keith TaylorSenior Health & Safety AdvisorGalliard Homes

Work smarter not harder

  • Form builder

    Convert any paper form to digital with our drag and drop form builder or select from 100s of templates

  • Document management

    Manage your documents and drawings, sharing them live with users in the field

  • Share drawings

    Share drawings in one place with mobile users, make annotations and save for office access

  • Digital signing

    Record peoples signatures on digital forms using your mobile device

  • Secure

    Hosted on Microsofts Azure, protected at the physical, network, host, application, and data layers so that our online services are resilient to attack

  • Photos on forms

    A picture speaks a thousand words and also saves users time having to give detailed long explanations

  • GPS locations

    Using the devices gps you can add accurate locations to forms and maps ready to be shared

  • Works on and offline

    Whilst offline all your work is stored securely on your device. Online it will synchronise data for you

  • Task management

    Assign tasks to mobile users and monitor their progress all in the portal

  • Integration

    Sasets works with many major platforms including Active Directory, Google, Sharepoint, Dropbox and is constantly growing as your needs demand


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