Paper doesn’t glow in the dark hates the rain

Too often mobile workers are stuck outside in unpleasant conditions pouring rain, snow, freezing weather and in the dark. Although our mobile workers are made of hardy stuff, the paper forms they have to complete and use are not.

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A story in saving time and the trees

Increase teams efficiency, save money, time and the enviroment. Going mobile with Sasets companies are benefiting from increased efficiency of their teams in some case gaining three times the productivity than before.

Its crucial that mobile teams have access to all of their paper work on every job. Not only is this critical to the planning and understanding of what the job requires but also safety. A team must understand how to operate all their equipment and what to do if things go wrong. They need to be aware of any low hanging electric lines, underground pipes and any other local knowledge deemed essential by their client and the authorities to ensure the safety of not only their crew but of the public as well.

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Defects in laymans terms

Mismanaged defects can cost a company £ millions later. Typically, when repairing a major road, the first task is to scrape off the top layer of the old road. Only after this has been done can the state of the road underneath be determined.

If the road is in good shape, then the top layer can simply be replaced and all is well. But if it transpires that there is profound damage, for example a deep pot-hole filled with loose stones, then the repair needs to be more substantial. Typically it would be necessary to remove more material and rebuild that part of the road from scratch before replacing the top layer. But this is a much more expensive process, and the contractor will need to get approval from the customer (usually the Local Authority or the Department of Transport) before proceeding.

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